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Wireless and Mobility Solutions

Professional Services

No mission critical wireless/mobility solution is complete without the associated and credentialed professional services to adequately plan, engineer, deploy, and deliver the lifecycle maintenance services necessary to keep the system performing at it’s optimal level. Acela Technologies’ offers a broad range of professional services to help wireless network operators, businesses, property owners, and public venues meet and exceed their wireless communication requirements.

Our professional services include: Site Survey, Network Assessment, Design Engineering, Project Management, Installation, Commissioning and Testing, Training, Lifecycle Maintenance, Emergency Response, and Logistics Management and Warehousing.

Site Survey:

Site surveys are mandatory in the development of any mission critical wireless solution…outdoor or indoor. During site Surveys, detailed information is collected by Acela Technologies’ RF Engineers, Cabling Managers, and Project Managers, to appropriately identify application requirements, building composition, cable pathways, sample propogation readings, power/grounding, space/environmental, line of sight requirements, rooftop requirements, donor towers available, frequency survey, existing systems, challenges, etc. This information is organized and cataloged for use during the Design Engineering phase.

Network Assessment:

For facilities with existing infrastructure that requires updating or augmentation, Acela Technologies’ RF Engineers, Project Managers, and /or Cabling Technicians will thoroughly assess the installed solution to determine viability and cost effectiveness for augmentation. Detailed information is collected and cataloged for use during the Design Engineering phase.

Design Engineering:

Site Survey or Network Assessment data collected and cataloged for the application are analyzed and used as a basis for developing a solution by Acela Technologies’ RF Engineers. The RF Engineers have at their disposal, a wide array of design engineering tools to characterize and simulate the solution under various “what if” conditions. This takes much of the guesswork out of designing missions critical wireless solutions. Our solutions take into consideration all application requirements, appropriate system architecture, and emerging wireless standards to develop a cost effective solution. During this phase, the RF engineers will develop and document a comprehensive system architecture, simulated propogation plots, link budget analysis, cable plant as-builts, powering requirements, fault/configuration management requirements, IDF/MDF rack elevations, rooftop as-builts/loading, bill of materials, and detailed project schedules. All appropriate design standards are considered and acknowledged in the solution design. In essence, a complete scope of work is developed during the Design Engineering phase.

Project Management:

Weather a simple or extremely complex project, Acela Technologies offers a wide array of project management services to ensure that project is delivered on-time, to expectations, and to budget. Our Project Managers will develop and maintain project schedules in conjunction with all appropriate project stakeholders and suppliers. The Acela Technologies’ Project Manager is responsible for all communications, quality management, material management, change management, risk management, vendor management, and overall project budget. A detailed Project Management Plan is developed during this phase.


Small to large, simple to complex……Acela Technologies has the expertise and experience to install the turnkey solution Based upon the Design Engineering and Project Management Plan developed and approved for deployment. Our installation services are designed to reduce the risk of deploying a comprehensive solution by optimizing the costs and time necessary for such a deployment. Acela Technologies guarantees our installations are spec’d to all appropriate Industry, building, and safety codes and standards.


Acela Technologies has developed comprehensive Methods of Procedures (MOPS) associated the commissioning, testing, and turnover of the solution to the client. Our MOPS are designed to remove the complexity of the commissioning process. Key performance parameters of the installed solution are measured and compared to the design criteria established during the Design Engineering phase of the project. These performance parameters are acknowledged by the client to ensure complete satisfaction. All installation information, “as-builts”, commissioning parameters, and testing results are documented and provided to the client and any other appropriate stakeholders for future reference.

Lifecycle Maintenance:

No mission critical wireless solution is complete without lifecycle maintenance services. Acela Technologies offers a variety of maintenance programs to keep you system operating at peak performance, maximizing system uptime, and minimizing system downtime. Both on-site or remote troubleshooting and diagnostic services are available depending on your service needs. Spares can be maintained on-site or dispatched to site from one of our conveniently located spares depots. Convenient access to our Support Engineers is provided via a nationwide toll-free “800” number. Our service plans can include periodic audits of your system to ensure operations are to current standards and wireless frequency support.

Emergency Response:

While we all hope they never happen, emergency situations do occur. Likewise, you want Emergency Response services to assist with critical problems or natural disasters that are service effecting. Acela Technologies Engineers and Technicians will work with on-site resources to quickly assess and diagnose the problem and develop an action plan to problem resolution.

Logistics Management/Warehousing:

Acela Technologies has secure warehouse facilities to accurately stock, maintain, and allocate equipment for projects on a scheduled or unscheduled basis. Let Acela Technologies take the risk and management of all equipment out of your hands so that you can focus on your core business and clients.

Weather a couple thousand square feet to 2 million square feet, a couple of acres to hundreds of acres, or hundred’s of feet to miles, Acela Technologies can deliver a cost effective turnkey solution ideally suited to meet the mission needs of your business and clients. Our vendor agnostic approach affords us the ability to select the appropriate technology and systems architecture to match your business requirements for today and tomorrow. And we offer the breath of professional services necessary to ensure timely installation and solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.

Consulting and technology solutions for mission critical Wireless Mobility applications driven by the Information Revolution……that’s Acela Technologies……

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