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Wireless and Mobility Solutions

Point to Point/Point to Multipoint

Businesses today have historically grown with dedicated line service between facilities and applications supporting voice, data, and/or video to meet day-to-day communication requirements. Further, theses dedicated line services provided dedicated speed, convenience, and security however, it came at a premium cost for such services. With the maturity of wireless communication architectures and solutions, technology today can provide ample speed, enhanced convenience, and the appropriate wireless security without the high reoccurring costs of dedicated line services.

As with any wireless solution, P2P or P2MP solutions come in a variety of architectures, interfaces, application support, and economics. Acela Technologies has the qualifications, experience, expertise, and tools necessary to design, engineer, install, and support a wide range of P2P or P2MPsolutions. Our breath of experience include architectures based on Free Space Optics (FSO), 802.11 Bridging, microwave, WiMAX, millimeter wavelength (MMW), as well as proprietary solutions.

P2P or P2MP wireless solutions can be cost effective and easily installed however, one should not overlook the strict engineering guidelines necessary to plan, deploy, and maintain a wireless infrastructure and associated applications. A geographical analysis must be performed to ensure an appropriate obstruction free line of site and well as mitigation of any frequency interference. Further, depending on the technology employed, a layered security model and associated policies must be considered on any wireless solution to ensure security and safety of all data.

The benefits of a P2P/P2MP solution include:

  • Cost effective based upon bandwidth requirement.
  • QoS capabilities to simultaneously support voice, video, and data.
  • No reoccurring costs (with exception of lifecycle maintenance)

From a couple of hundred’s of feet to miles, Acela Technologies can deliver a cost effective turnkey solution ideally suited to meet the mission needs of you business and clients. Our vendor agnostic approach affords us the ability to select the appropriate technology and systems architecture to match your business requirements for today and tomorrow.

Consulting and technology solutions for mission critical Wireless Mobility applications driven by the Information Revolution……that’s Acela Technologies……

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