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Wireless and Mobility Solutions

Discrete Wireless Solutions

Wireless/mobility users today demand pervasive and ubiquitous communications whether in airports, shopping malls, office buildings, travelling in cars, parks, sporting events, etc. Poor cellular/PCS coverage can result in a drop in user productivity or in the case of a cellular service provider, service termination by the end user. As cellular service providers race and heavily invest in the macro network infrastructure to enhance the coverage and quality of user experience, they can ill-afford to lose a client much less a business customer Likewise, business owners can ill-afford a drop in employee productivity. Building owners, business owners, and cellular service providers all stand to gain buy offering pervasive and ubiquitous cellular/PCS communications.

The benefits of a discrete cellular/PCS solution include:

  • Business or user service retention
  • Enhance productivity
  • Maintain and enhance employee/business loyalty

From a couple of thousand square feet to a couple of million square feet or a couple of acres to 100’s of acres, Acela Technologies can deliver a cost effective turnkey cellular/PCS solution ideally suited to meet the mission needs of you business and clients. Our vendor agnostic approach affords us the ability to select the appropriate technology and systems architecture to match your business requirements for today and tomorrow.

Consulting and technology solutions for mission critical Wireless Mobility applications driven by the Information Revolution……that’s Acela Technologies……

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