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Comprehensive Wireless Solutions for Public Safety

Post 9/11, the issue of Public Safety has been placed in the forefront of state and local officials and can include any participating agency to include fire and police departments. Radio signals can be greatly reduced or weakened when passing through subterrain levels of buildings. In addition, construction material used in any building can have a dramatic effect on the propogation (or lack thereof) of RF signals throughout the building. As such, it is imperative that error-free wireless communications can be facilitated throughout any given infrastructure via handset communications to ensure the safety and welfare of public safety personnel, building tenants, and the general public when responding to incidents on-site.  Various means of wireless communications can include cell phones, text messaging, paging, two-way radios, email notifications, internet alerts, etc.

Increasing Efficiency

Building owners, tenants, and property managers, are interested in deploying best-in-market wireless public safety solutions to maximize operational efficiency and most importantly, satisfy the wireless application needs of their demanding building tenant base. Acela Technologies unlocks the promise and full potential of wireless public safety services by overcoming in-building, out-of building coverage issues, and ensuring dependable performance in a building or campus setting.

Controlling Costs

With the explosion of wireless devices among the general population, it is important to consider all means of wireless communications for notification of Public Safety matters.  With the shift toward wireless communications among building/campus tenants coupled with the fact that many are more likely to use cell phones, text messaging, Internet/Intranet services, etc., care must be taking in addressing all appropriate forms of communications in the event of an emergency situation.  In many cases, Acela Technologies can eliminate the need for stand-alone in-building wireless networks to support each deployed wireless service or application. Our engineered solution provides ubiquitous coverage via a single converged, wireless solution that handles all deployed wireless services in a cost effective manner.

Acela Technologies’ Design Guaranteed Wireless Solution for Public Safety requirements:
Multi-Service Flexibility

  • Simultaneously supports full spectrum of wireless services (WLAN, cellular, PCS, paging, 2-way radio, UHF/VHF, and other licenses or unlicensed public safety solutions)
  • Modular architecture ensure cost-effective and ease to add new services

Reliable Application Support & Enablement

  • Delivers dependable, strong signal coverage essential for demanding wireless applications such as Public Safety
  • Supports wide range of communication applications such as text messaging, event notification, paging, cellular/PCS, two-way radios, high speed Internet/Intranet access, perimeter security, etc.
  • Mobile middleware development/implementation

Wireless Security

  • Delivering standards based, wired/wireless layer security architecture to safeguard assets and ensure reporting compliance


  • Add/change wireless services without disturbing existing services or re-engineering the system
  • Active elements located in telecom closets; maintenance does not disrupt building/campus operations

Pro-Active Management

  • End-to-end monitoring and control of vital wireless services
  • Maximize uptime through rapid problem isolation and correction

Highly Reliable

  • High MTBF on all selected equipment
  • Fault-tolerant architecture

Proven Methodology

  • Full suite of life cycle services to include: Program Management; Pilot Phase, Vendor Selection/Management, Training, Design/Engineering, Maintenance/Support, Wireless Security Management.

Architected for Multi-Service

Acela Technologies' wireless Public Safety solutions are ideally suited for dynamic, wireless-intensive building owners, property managers, and tenants by offering advanced capabilities that cannot be matched by rudimentary discrete or parallel approaches:

  • Future-Proof Infrastructure: Acela Technologies' design guarantee ensures that a broad service range of licensed and unlicensed Public Safety frequencies can be supported over a converged infrastructure thus providing thus providing building owners, property managers, and tenants comfort in knowing their solution meets current and evolving Public Safety standards.
  • Adaptable Service Modules: The Acela Technologies architected solution incorporates intelligent modules that dynamically adjust each wireless signal for optimum performance. This capability ensures performance levels for critical applications and enables the system to seamlessly adapt to changes without disrupting campus operations.
  • Precise Antenna Coverage: Acela Technologies uses passive, broadband antennas to simultaneously radiate all wireless services in a controlled, predictable fashion.

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