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Comprehensive Wireless Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

Acela Technologies offers hospitality providers a flexible multi-service wireless solution that provides reliable coverage for critical wireless services and applications throughout their facilities. With hospitality providers under constant pressure to support the full range of wireless needs of the mobile workforce while balancing operating costs, the Acela Technologies converged, wireless distributed antenna system is ideally suited to address the needs of the property owners, clients, and most importantly, guests.

Increasing Efficiency

Hospitality providers are interested in deploying best-in-market wireless applications and technologies to maximize operational efficiency and most importantly, satisfy the wireless application needs of their demanding customer base. Acela Technologies unlocks the promise and full potential of these wireless services by overcoming in-building coverage issues, and ensuring dependable performance anywhere inside and outside the facility.

Controlling Costs

Acela Technologies eliminates the need for stand-alone in-building wireless networks to support each deployed wireless service or application. Our engineered solution provides ubiquitous coverage via a single converged, wireless distributed antenna system that handles all deployed wireless services.

More importantly, the converged, wireless distributed antenna system backbone is design guaranteed to enable hospitality providers to easily and cost-effectively add services without disruption to guest meeting rooms, banquet facilities, convention rooms, or any of the existing operational services.

Acela Technologies’ Design Guaranteed Wireless Solution for Hospitality Providers:

Multi-Service Flexibility

  • Simultaneously supports full spectrum of wireless services (WLAN, cellular, PCS, paging, 2-way radio, UHF/VHF)
  • Modular architecture ensure cost-effective and ease to add new services

Reliable Applications Support

  • Delivers dependable, strong signal coverage essential for demanding wireless applications such as VoWiFi, EV-DO, 3G. **Inherent architectural support for location-sensitive applications (asset tracking, telemetry, E-911)


  • Add/change wireless services without disturbing existing services or re-engineering the system
  • Active elements located in telecom closets; maintenance does not disrupt hospitality operations

Pro-Active Management

  • End-to-end monitoring and control of vital wireless services
  • Maximize uptime through rapid problem isolation and correction

Highly Reliable

  • High MTBF on all selected equipment
  • Fault-tolerant architecture

Architected for Multi-Service

Acela Technologies’ converged wireless distributed antenna system architecture is ideally suited for dynamic, wireless intensive hospitality environments, offering advanced capabilities that cannot be matched by rudimentary discrete or parallel approaches:

  • Future-Proof Infrastructure: Acela Technologies' design guarantee ensures that a broad service range of frequencies (80MHz to 6GHz) can be supported over a converged infrastructure thus providing hospitality providers inherent support for an evolving, unpredictable mix of wireless services.
  • Adaptable Service Modules: The Acela Technologies architected solution incorporates intelligent modules that dynamically adjust each wireless signal for optimum performance. This capability ensures performance levels for critical applications and enables the system to seamlessly adapt to changes without disrupting hospitality operations.
  • Precise Antenna Coverage: Acela Technologies uses passive, broadband antennas to simultaneously radiate all wireless services in a controlled, predictable fashion. In contrast to "leaky" coax approaches, these antennas provide distinct reference points essential for location-oriented applications (asset management, E-911, telemetry).

Acela Technologies’ Advantages

Comprehensive Hospitality Solutions

  • Future-proof support for current and emerging technologies
  • Adapts and scales to evolving wireless application requirements
  • Non-disruptive, secure infrastructure
  • End to end network monitoring and management (local and/or remote)

Depth of Experience

  • Specializing in multi-service, secured wireless solutions
  • Deployed by leading organizations in a wide range of industries including healthcare, hospitality, government, manufacturing, and education
  • Cooperative relationships with major wireless operators

Services & Support

  • Turnkey services from site survey through commission and certificate of completion
  • 24x7x365 problem resolution
  • Maintenance programs designed to meet your current and future requirements

Vision & Direction

  • Extend in-building/out-of-building wireless capabilities to improve guest satisfaction
  • Help reduce operational costs and increase productivity among management/staff
  • Keep hospitality staff and critical wireless applications accessible anywhere inside/outside the facility
  • Provide innovative and cost-effective ways to make the organization become more agile and efficient
  • Ensure safekeeping of IT assets

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